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About us

Designing triggers for transformation

ViaDesign is here to promote transformative change for the benefit of people, organizations and the planet.

Our Story

We both have +20 years of experience in helping organizations innovate and change. We work in both the public and private sector and are used in various roles, as coaches of leaders responsible for change, as advisors in implementing innovation and change and as designers of new processes, models and structures that create change.


Our approach and toolbox is a combination of design thinking, cultural analysis, transformational management and indigenous wisdom traditions. 


We have certifications in Design Thinking from Stanford d:school, Transformation Leadership from Being First, Foundations in Sustainability-Inspired Strategy + Applications in Strategic Sustainability from The Natural Step and Menneskets Vej from IndiLife.

We believe that leading transformatively is a necessity in order to solve the complex challenges we face in society and in our organisations. We know from experience that many are challenged with their strategic change or innovation initiatives because they underestimate what is needed or do not have the necessary tools. 

Sometimes it is also about the leader pointing the arrow at himself and weeding out stuck ideas about himself and others.


Our Clients

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