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ViaDesign has worked with social sustainability throughout our entire lifetime.


We have developed solutions for and with people with chronic illness, the elderly, refugees, the mentally vulnerable, etc.


In recent years, we have become more and more involved in the biodiversity and climate crisis.


Here we use our tools from innovation and transformation and connect them with new models such as the mass mobilization tool The Week and The Natural Step's scientifically supported development method ABCD.


If there is a need for more specific technological sustainability specialist knowledge in connection with the development of strategy and product development, we collaborate with Sustainable Collaborative





Probably a bit like you, I thought I had my share of the truth regarding climate/sustainability. But when I got the chance to try The Week, I have to admit that my scepticism was put to shame. Going through the process together in a group influenced me and gave me new energy to make changes as an individual and in my professional work.

Sustainability via design 
Climate Mobilisation of Management and Organisation

We facilitate a process with three central sessions over a week, which both give you insight into the complexity, handling and nature of the climate crisis and which create a deep commitment in the individual to actively do something about the seriousness of the situation.

The process is obvious as a prelude to a strategy process when starting an innovation project with sustainability as the central focus or as a synchronisation tool for management and the team.


Introduction to the Principles of Sustainability

Introduction and exercises to The Natural Steps ABCD process and 8 supporting principles for sustainable development. The Natural Step is the best scientifically supported model within sustainability and we use it as a catalyst for the development of sustainable design or systems.

The introduction is obvious for innovation and design teams that must have integrated sustainability as an important criterion in their work.


Introduction to How to Mobilise - Without Guilt and Shame

Presentation on what works socially and psychologically when you want people engaged in creating a more sustainable future.

The presentation includes examples from our everyday life and exercises that give the participant insights into pitfalls, tactics and rhetoric.


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