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6-month training course in transformative change


5 full teaching days and 4 online check-ins.

  1. Wake-up calls for transformation
    What is transformative change and what calls for it right now

  2. Transformation in organisations
    What must be in place to be able to change organisations transformatively

  3. Transformation facilitation
    How do you mobilize the right people in your change and how do you create the right conditions to succeed

  4. Transformation of yourself
    How do you strengthen your courage and overcome self-limiting patterns and behaviour

  5. Transformative integration
    What do you need to personally integrate in order to take on the role of a leader of transformative change



Change by Design Circle was for me in many ways mindblowing in terms of framing, unfolding and manifesting changes privately, in organisations and in society.

Huge recommendations.”

education in transformative change

Become transformation agent

Change by Design Circle is a program designed to increase courage and empower you to lead transformative change.


The training is aimed at you who:

  • are a leader of strategic initiatives, change manager, innovation partner, development specialist or a leader of a team/department with a focus on innovation or change

  • are involved in innovation targeting new or existing end-users or you are leading the innovation of internal processes, culture and structures

  • find yourself leading initiatives that challenge the status quo of the organisation and the people involved without having the strategic frameworks, tools and methods to address the challenges you meet


During the course, you will:

  1. be introduced to research-based methods and tools that we ourselves have experienced that have enriched our practice and that have contributed to creating transformative changes in our clients' organizations

  2. get to work intensively with transformative processes, train methods to mobilize and facilitate stakeholders and strengthen yourself as an agent of change

  3. be asked to perform tasks in your own organization to train your skills

  4. experience different learning environments in and around Copenhagen; either indoors in centrally located premises or in nature.

The price for the course is DKK 30,000 ex VAT. We offer a discount if you are in between jobs.

Please reach out if you want to hear more or see more at


Call or write to hear more:

Sune Kjems

+45 2627 9392

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