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We are all about promoting transformative change for the benefit of organisations, people and the planet

We build transformative change at the highest level of our client’s organisations by working holistically across the whole gamut of available skills and insights. 


The only way to do this is to fine-tune our efforts to the very specific and complex realities our clients are facing.


None of our work is ever “off the shelf” because we are focused on making our response as specific as possible to the client’s needs. 

We pride ourselves on creating a sense of empowerment and ownership long after the project is finished. 


For us, it is as important to work with mindset and culture as well as behaviour and systems. And the proof of this approach is in the success of the businesses we help build. 


This is what we mean when we say we promote transformative change.



"ViaDesign's course Change by Design Circle was for me in many ways mindblowing in terms of framing, nuance and manifesting changes privately, in organisations and in society.
In fact, it went so far for me that I now will have a tattoo on my wrist - as a manifestation.
Huge recommendations.”
Jan. 2023

change by design circle
Become an agent of transformative change

With this shift of focus, we find ourselves working with the management’s mindset and behaviour just as much as we do with the forming of the internal culture and workflows.


We see our clients as partners and the navigating of complex realities as our common goal. Our sole aim is to evolve and shape a resilient human- and life-centred approach to innovation and transformation of organisations.

And because of this, over the years, we have been lucky enough to work with far-sighted organisations and all their stakeholders - people who are prepared to develop inventive, strategic answers and who dare to do so from a place of wholehearted respect our planet and to benefit the many.

This is what we mean when we say transformative.


Since ViaDesign started in 2001 we have worked with a great number of organisations to help them to really understand their users and to take this knowledge into the development of meaningful products and services. 


As design thinking has evolved from merely being an external add-on to becoming a business-critical competence, the range and depth of our services have evolved with it.

Increasingly ViaDesign finds itself embedded at the heart of our client’s organisations, focusing on enhancing transformation capability.



Ida Vesterdal​

During her career, Ida has managed a great many large scale innovation projects, both as partner in ViaDesign and as Head of Innovation Facilitation at the R&D department of Novo Nordisk. She holds a Master’s degree in Culture and Communication and has trained professionally in design thinking and innovation leadership. 


Ida is a trusted advisor at the executive level, working on how to succeed with user-driven innovation in an organisational setting. She is equally at home covering innovation leadership, processes and tools. She facilitates training programmes for specialists and leaders in design thinking and innovation leadership.

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Sune Kjems

Sune is a board member of the Danish Design Council and one of Denmark’s leading service design specialists.


With over 20 years of experience working as an integrated design thinking advisor, he has helped organisations grow their user and design innovation capacity.


Sune is a key player in introducing and cultivating design thinking in Denmark and is part of the Danish Design Centre’s mentor corps.

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We work with far-sighted clients – with leaders who are prepared to develop unique strategic answers to what the organisation should be doing in a rapidly changing time.


Let’s get to know each other and investigate what transform - together. 


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