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Our strength is the combination of a deep understanding of the needs of both the users (customers/citizens) and the business/organization, as well as a long experience in facilitating and leading innovation processes.


Our method is design thinking, which means an iterative, testing approach where we use visual and sensory tools to inspire and engage the development work.

Our role is typical as embedded coaches, where we both lead the process and co-create the activities in close collaboration with our clients.


In this way, we ensure ownership, so that the results live on and grow according to our efforts.





In collaboration with ViaDesign, we have developed and concretised our innovation model based on design thinking, which will be the focal point for the development of new solutions.

Besides the practical tools, we also prepared the framework for an expected successful implementation.


Innovation via design

Potentials via qualitative research

We conduct exploratory, qualitative studies at home and abroad to find potential for innovation. Our primary tool is the deep, anthropological interview carried out at the user's home, and when the project allows it, we combine it with digital meetings.


As-is and to-be user experiences

We develop and visualize as-is user journeys that show how the users' practical and emotional experiences. We combine objective data (interactions, channels, contexts, etc.) with the user's subjective experiences and feelings. And we design new, more attractive to-be user journeys based on insights and potential found in current journeys.


Design of new value propositions or processes

We develop new concepts and processes that strengthen your innovative power and ability to service your users - based on insights into the users' needs, as well as an understanding of the employees and the organisation's capacity and strategy.

Strategic communication to decision-makers

We prepare decisive strategic presentations - including the development of central messages, argumentation and visual models/illustrations and also help with the facilitation of the meeting with the key stakeholders ensuring the right mandate and resources for the project.


Innovation management

We develop tailor-made leadership development courses focusing on what is required of the management and the individual leader to lead innovation with design thinking as the central methodology.

Our focus is on facilitative leadership, which involves activities such as helping with the inherent organisational resistance and "not invented here" mindset, as well as the ability as a leader to embrace the mistakes (read learnings) innovation processes entails.


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Ida Vesterdal

+45 6017 7340

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