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In ViaDesign, transformation equals organisational, internal innovation of new ways of organising, setting up, performing work tasks and leading an organisation.

By transformation we mean the situation where you as leaders recognise that there is something you should react to without even having a clear understanding and overview of the solution or the challenges.


Our approach is mission-driven.

We start by examining and prioritising wake-up calls, visualising and describing your desired future, organising the transformation effort and then starting to examine and prototype the new future - always in close collaboration with the organisation and key stakeholders.





The process has changed our culture.

We have established competence and confidence in the organisation, and now we are very conscious of what we can and cannot do.

Previously, we bought many consulting services – now we solve considerably more ourselves.

Transformation via design

The Week is a completely new concept, which is about mass mobilizing towards more sustainability and is based on insights from the latest social science and how social movements arise and become successful.


Over the course of a week, you complete 3 episodes (hence the name The Week) of a carefully crafted documentary that takes the participants through a transformative, emotional journey together. After each episode, the participants engage in conversations that lead to initial changes in norms both individually and in the group and which finally result in each participant's proposal for concrete climate actions at different levels.

The concept was developed by the man behind Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux and his team, of which ViaDesign is a part.

As a prototype, The Week has been tested many times in very different contexts around the world - from small local groups of friends and family to large organisations.

We ourselves have facilitated groups from 8 to 25 through the course and the participants say that it has led to a significant change towards sustainability in their lives.

Please reach out if you are interested in hearing more.


Call or write to hear more:

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